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        August 2005
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Positioning Part I of IV: The Set Up
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"Whether you are a corporate executive, an athlete, professional, student, relative, or a friend, clear communication gets better results. It is up to you. Communication is the difference between winning and losing."   Raj Gavurla

The Set Up: Position yourself to be a Brighter Star! In August of 2005, I presented a motivational mental health keynote on hopes, aspirations, and dreams. It is important to know yours and take action through positioning to create more opportunities for your self and do more good for others. See, you completed fourth grade positioning yourself for fifth grade and kept positioning yourself to go to the next grade. Although billions of people went through the fifth grade, you still completed the education to take you to a "New Best Level™". You might pass the billions who passed fifth grade before you by doing more good and making good money.

The appropriate set up shows you care about your employee and client. Increase your set up skills to take your business and life to a "New Best Level™". In your business, as an employee and client others might have done what you are doing. What makes it different? The uniqueness you bring, timing, and clarity of purpose. You determined by taking a "spirit enhancing action(s)" you would generate a "spirit enhancing result(s)".

"Spirit enhancing results" bring more motivation, winning, and growth to make your business and life more fun and enjoyable. Most importantly, results solidify "the world is a team!" Do your part to take the team to a "New Best Level™". If a teammate is lagging behind, make them stronger by positioning them for success. Does it make sense? Make sure you inform them what you are doing and the effect it will have and create a feedback loop to validate and make necessary adjustments to "make positive momentum" and strengthen the relationship. Each of us has relationships. What are you doing to strengthen the relationship? Get it DONE! A competitor will come in if you do not continue strengthening relationships.

Let me know what effect this makes in your business and life. In the next e-zine, Postioning Part II for more motivation, winning, and growth.

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Raj is available for Keynote Speeches, Concurrents, Seminars and Events as well as Engineering, Sales, and Consulting.


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