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        September 2006


    "Focus on being better teammates for the team to win." - Raj Gavurla


Whether in the corporate landscape or on the athletic field being better teammates is what drives success for the team. Surely, teammates produce more Spirit-Enhancing Results than errors. However, it's how you respond to the Spirit-Enhancing Results and errors that determines whether the team will go forward or spiral downward. Here are three motivation, winning, and growth jewels to be better teammates and respond with a Positive Winning Attitude:

Motivation: Keep in mind - without each other the team doesn't exist

More Wins: Give each other the tools to encourage better results
                   Be patient
                   Make up for errors

Growth: Each teammate goes to a New Best Level™ to take the team to a New Best Level™

An example is Italy's victory in the World Cup. Although it has been months since the World Cup, what stays in mind is the way teammates depended on and supported each other on and off the field of play. The teamwork exhibited by teammates was beautiful to watch. Each of us remembers specific plays and of course we remember the setup and execution of goal scoring plays and defensive goal keeping stops. In the end, with the support of the fans, team building, teammates, and teamwork won the World Cup Trophy. Does your company and team use motivation, more wins, and growth to become better teammates?

Your feedback is encouraged. Let me know what effect this makes in your business and life.

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