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    November 10, 2008

"Convert into teammates, friends, fans, and families." - Raj Gavurla

Think. Would you agree society would go to a New Best Level if all of us were teammates, friends, fans, and families? I think, "yes". To some extent that's what is happening. Unfortunately, there are a few who make a mess.

Please don't misunderstand me and think I want you to make the competition your teammate, friend, fan, and family while going for the win. Even your closest friends, if they are on a separate team, do not become teammates, friends, and fans during competition. Outside of competition, they are teammates, friends, and families.

Example: My friend's son's basketball team is playing against my nephew's basketball team. During the game we are not teammates and friends. Both teams want to win. After the game, regardless of who wins (my team better win), we are teammates and friends.

When talking with your medical doctor, selling to clients and prospects, working with a customer, selecting suppliers, and working with suppliers have this mindset and motivation to take your business and life to a New Best Level. I think it will work for you and serve you well to get rid of the pettiness and ill feelings that hinder results by using logical emotion to take action to produce profitable deals. You will have a stronger spirit.

Please forward to a teammate and friend this may interest.

Always better to experience at a live event because other people attend, more value is transferred, and it's a more empowering experience. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

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