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June 2011

"People hired are qualified. Where the breakdown may occur is in being
an effective colleague on a project team. Your colleagues want to
increase performance." - Raj Gavurla

1. Nine Ways To Increase Project Team Performance and Reduce Stress
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Nine Ways To Increase Project Team Performance and Reduce Stress
People hired are qualified. They are on your team. If you could stop thinking or complaining - "they did this wrong" , "they don't know this", "you should know that" and instead have the mindset of growing them then I'm sure your job will be easier and they may know more than you think, have knowledge in other areas, and may do the same for you. They are your teammate(s) so accomplish the project goal and stop blowing up small issues into big road blocks.

Having over 18 years of experience working on all types of teams, here are nine things to tell and ask to increase performance and reduce stress on a project team whether a veteran, a new colleague, or someone transitioning:

1. Tell your teammate where they can access (get) the information (another colleague, reference, web, client)
2. Ask where do I access (get) that information?
3. Create steps to accomplish what was assigned. That way you feel a sense of accomplishment after the
    completion of a step and keep stress away.
4. Show them how to do it. Sometime this is the best way to learn. It can save a lot of time.
5. Can you show me how to do it?
6. Show me how to do it.
7. Research or look into it on your own
8. On more complex issues talk about your findings with a colleague
9. Learn from each other (transfer the new found knowledge)

Do the above and all the frustration and stress can easily be relieved on both ends. This will increase project team performance and reduce unneeded and unhealthy stress.

Each of us is internally motivated and inspired. Through my programs and coaching it's easier for you to excel. Inner-motivation.com was designed to increase your intelligence, grow, win, and make money to accomplish your dreams and goals.

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