Empowers Your Mindset, Mood, and Motivation
To Win

    June 2009

"When communicating speak what your mind thinks from your heart." - Raj Gavurla


Lessons are suppose to be taught ahead of time in a positive way to make dreams and goals come true. Do you work on your mindset, mood, and motivation prior to each important situation? While working with business leaders and athletes to complete my interactive coaching process to Destroy Their Self-Defeating Voice and Listen for Their Inner Voice, my clients have to in-grain a specific mindset to make it easier to accomplish their dream and goal. Here are two tips to make this easier:

Tip 1. Use a cue word to keep you in the right mindset. A cue word is one word, however, when used it helps you think, see, and feel winning by its meaning to you (more than one word) and what it does for your mindset, mood, motivation, and subconscious. Think of this cue for clarity since you worked hard to get it to keep your mind from wandering (focus). The cue is what is needed to win. It gives you a clarity of purpose.

Tip 2.  Structure allows for creativity and mechanics allows for results. This means both structure and mechanics are done right to produce creativity and results. For example, think of structure and mechanics as the fundamentals. Now add your creativity and results to benefit clients, members, and fans.

Ex: 1. In business: Your company had it's best revenue and profitable year because of the programs you invested in for your employees
      2. In sports: Your team won the championship because of the programs you invested in for your players

Study and practice these tips to become more aware and to increase your performance to win. While working with organizations and sports team who are at the professional, amateur, and children level, the higher the level the more important empowering their mindset, mood, and motivation to win is. It's usually the difference between winning and losing. Be a winner! Help your teams' dreams and goals come true.

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Raj works with organizations and sports teams that want to empower their mindset, mood, and motivation to win.

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