Motivation, Winning, & Growth Tips and Approaches

        June 2005

"Putting someone in the right frame of mind is one of the
most noble actions you can take."  
Raj Gavurla


A Positive Winning Attitude

Each of us is responsible for our own life. But I'm sure you've seen individuals who are uncomfortable and not confident in specific situations. Maybe you've even been on both sides, like I have. If you see someone who is supposed to be completing a life or buisness taks and it's not happing, reach out and let the person know you're glad they are here and put them in the right frame of mind for comfort and confidence.

Often, all that's needed is humaneness (being treated well) to jump start their battery (mind). That's what we do to a car and, since we aren't in a perfect world, that's what we need to assist one another. The clarity you give to the situation immediately changes the individual's state of being to one of feeling empowered, comfortable, and confident. Pass this message around to colleagues, clients, family, and friends, and I guarantee more good will be accomplished. This is the bond that unites us and shows care. Your teammates, family, and friends will be looking forward to interacting with you. It's called having a positive winning attitude. Do it and reap the rewards!

A friend of John Wooden's, the legendary coach, borrowed John's mule to plow his field. At one point, the mule stopped because it the friend was mistreating it. When John saw the situaiton, he encouraged the mule and spoke kindly to it, and immediately the mule was put in the right frame of mind to finish plowing the field. John taught his friend a valuable lesson: Treat people, animals, and things well. It's your responsibility.

Your feedback is welcomed. Let me know what effect this makes in your business and life.


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