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                      December 2007

                      What to do?
                      Be A Hero!

            "We must continue to pursue better work and a better life."
                                                                                                - Raj Gavurla

If I had to pick what is needed most in the world, in family, business, and sports? With all my heart and soul it is "We need more Heroes!" Did you see the CNN Heroes Awards program? Absolutely, better than terrific! Heoroes don't appear only when things are bad. They appear in all types of situations to create positive change!

If you are an executive or a sports coach you want more Heroes! Don't think there are no Heroes on your team. If that's really the case, then I'm sure your team is not winning. People want more motivation, inspiration, and education. Help them get what they want by being a Hero!

Answer the following to plan, prepare, adjust, win, and celebrate:
        As a leader or coach what do you need to do to be a Hero?
        What does each of your employees/players need to do to be a Hero?
        Ask each employee/player what they need to do to be a Hero?
        Ask the team what they need to do to be Heroes?

You now know what to do. Keep going through this process to stay motivated, inspired, and rejuvenated. You'll win more, have more fun and enjoy life more by being Heroes. You've given yourself the Mindset and Motivation to Win! That's the reason you win!

Liven Up, Be A Hero!

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