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    August 2008

"Motivation is not a constant." - Raj Gavurla

People are internally motivated. Your motivation must be refueled to continue creating positive change to produce results to lead the life you want. The extremely successful people know this and act on it to be in a better mindset, place, and win!. Those who don't tend to be in the same pattern day after day and year after year. Their business and life either is the same or worse never better.

What are you doing to be motivated? My work with the business people, sports players, and non-profits I find they seek something motivational and inspirational. Those who say motivation doesn't work are not at the top of their field and life. Give it some thought. Yes, everyone from business owners to athletes to engineers to elementary teachers and students refuel by partaking in something motivational and inspirational.

I read, watch, listen to, especially talk with someone motivational or inspiring everyday. It's what allows me to consistently play at the top of my game. The days I'm not consistently playing at the top of my game is when I need something motivational and inspirational.

Last month, I gave you a list. I've included the list again this month. Fill in how many times a year you experience the following to gain a barometer on what you can do to lead the life you want. Fill in quantity where there is a "____" in your notebook for the following:

Professional speakers delivering keynotes ____, seminars ____, breakouts ____, facilitation ____, training ____

Self-training (on your own) in areas of interest ___

Read articles ____, books ____

Family gatherings ____

Executive speeches ____

Political speeches ____

Continuing education class ____

Listen to professional speakers audio ____ or video ____ products

Coaching sessions ____

Advisory sessions ____

Interacting and chatting with others ____

Attend conventions ____ conferences ____

Community involvement ____

Increasing your communication and presentation skills ____

Pray ____

Meditate ____

Exercise ___, play a sport ___, work in the lawn ____, or partake in other forms of movement ____

Here's to you consistently playing at the top of your game.

Always better to experience at a live event because other people attend, value is transferred, and it's a more empowering experience.

Be A Hero!



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