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    August 2008

"Positive change happens in the universe." - Raj Gavurla

After watching the Beijing Olympics, positive change better happen in your business and life. How? I speak and write on the use of an adaptability link. What is an olympic adaptability link? It's how you adapt what you watched into producing spirit-enhancing results for you and your team.

Let's take a look at the USA Olympic Mens Basketball team, USA's Michael Phelps, and Jamaica's Usain Bolt.

USA Mens Basketball Team:
1. They were motivated by their bronze finish in 2004. In 2008 they won gold! Have you had a disappointing result?     Are you using it to motivate you?
2. The team showed appreciation for the opportunity by being in the moment, respecting each other, and learned       about their opponents.
3. The biggest difference is their use of teamwork and intelligence to win the gold? What can you do to promote       teamwork and increase intelligence?

USA's Michael Phelps:
In most of his events he swam individually, however, he had coaches behind him, family, teammates, and fans. He won more golds than any single athlete in history! Many of his times were world records! Records are made to be broken. Who inspired him? Mark Spritz, What motivated him? Losing to the French in the 400m relay in Athens 2004, and posting an article where a competitor said he couldn't win the most gold medals in his locker. So who inspires you today and what is motivating you?

Jamaica's Usain Bolt:
If you were to tell me someone will win the 100m dash, while slowing down the last 18 feet, I'm not so sure I would believe you. Why? Because usually it's a photo (split second finish)! Sometime we have to see to believe. He also won the 200m dash gold. Both world records. So, what are you doing to push the envelope.

Use the above examples to find your adaptability link to produce spirit-enhancing results! Do so to create positive change in the universe.

Always better to experience at a live event because other people attend, value is transferred, and it's a more empowering experience.

Be A Hero!



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