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                      August 2007


            "You deserve better, fulfillment, and prosperity." - Raj Gavurla

Life brings challenges to grow. I haven't written because I needed to focus on family and working on sharpening my ax to be more helpful to you. Doing so resulted in a new title for this e-zine: Motivation To Win.

What gives you the Motivation To Win? Do you look for ways to reignite your motivation? Are you learning more about yourself to identify opportunities to motivate you to win?

The difference between being number one in your industry or league is not large.

Please list five qualities of yours:






Are these qualities nice to have or are they nice to have and you use them to the fullest to help you and your team win?

Are you adding new qualities? Focus on winning to give your qualities a clarity of purpose and direction. Be aware and soon you'll see that your spirit will be stronger. What are you waiting for ... inititate your qualities. You'll gain great confidence knowing that the qualities actually matter in your workplace and on the playing field.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Please forward to a friend.


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